You haven’t missed the Stringo 550, have you?

Posted by Stringo - 24 August, 2017


Cars in the form of heavy clay models, new cars that have just left the production line or vehicles that need to be tested without moving a meter. All these can be moved efficiently and easily using a Stringo 550, which is our heavy-duty vehicle mover.

It can move cars weighing up to 5000 kg. It is an invaluable aid for professional operations where heavy vehicles need to be moved with care.

The Stringo 550 can be found in the automotive industry, in design studios, testing labs, and on production lines/end-of-line.

In design studios, for instance, new car models are built from clay. They are often built on a frame with fixed wheels, which means that the model cannot move by itself. These models are very expensive and very heavy. With a Stringo 550, they can be moved around easily and efficiently without the risk of any damage.

The main advantage of Stringo vehicle movers is that they can be used to move vehicles without starting the engine, which is good for both the work environment and the more general environment. The Stringo 550 is also cost-effective, as one person working alone can easily move even heavy-duty objects.

This model is available with a ride-on platform and power steering. And, as an option for Stringo 550, you can choose the Crash kit add-on. This option is ideal when you have to move collision-damaged vehicles that have, for example, front-end damage and unusable front wheels. In addition, there are pressure rollers specially designed to withstand sharp edges.

The Stringo 550 is quite simply a “heavy-duty” combination of strength and safety.

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