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Posted by Stringo - 12 June, 2019


Since the 80's we have been focusing on a single goal; To move cars efficiently, simply and safely. Do you wanna know how?

We are the only company in the world that specializes solely in manufacturing car movers. It is something we do every day, all the time.

In this short film we want to show you why Stringo is the world´s best tool for moving cars.

If you still aren´t convinced; Here are eight reasons why Stringo is a wise choice for you.

Profitable ergonomics
Stringo’s design is specially adapted to move cars – the human body is not. With Stringo, the vehicles are manoeuvred easily without this action taking its toll on the human body.

Environmentally smart technology
Stringo is efficient and powerful, and does not emit any hazardous substances. What’s more, the ignition can be turned off, meaning that the car will not emit any exhaust fumes.

Safety all round
Stringo is equipped with a dual safety system that protects both the operator and the vehicle.

Immediate economic benefits
Time is money. Thanks to Stringo’s power, the workforce can be utilised in a more cost-effective way.

Everyday simplicity
Thanks to its world-unique design, Stringo has an extremely small turning radius. Large cars are easy to move, even in small spaces.

Quality that lasts
Moving cars is heavy work, which places high quality requirements on the machine that is to perform the work.

Always customized
We customise every machine so each one meets the specific requirements of our customers. We put a great deal of effort into supplying purpose-built vehicle movers.

Our experience to boot
We are very proud of our 30 years of experience and expertise. As far as we are concerned, not only does this involve professional pride, but also responsibility and job satisfaction.

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