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Posted by Stringo - 24 January, 2020


Thanks to close cooperation with customers across the globe, we are gaining an understanding of the challenges faced by our car movers out in the real world, and of the expectations we must fulfill.

To further increase our accessibility for our customers, we are launching the Spanish version of our website, stringo.com. 

"Our car movers play an important role in the development currently taking place in the automotive industry and we have a lot of Spanish speaking customers and end-users that now can fully access all of the information in their native language" says Stringo CMO Andreas Berglund.

Stringo car movers are already being used by numerous car manufacturers in, for example, design centers, end-of-line testing, and various types of test centers. 

Introducing stringo.com/es is one way for us to get closer to our spanish speaking customers there.

Welcome to visit our new pages in spanish at www.stringo.com/es

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