Two Weeks of Input from Chinese and US Customers

Posted by Stringo - 20 December, 2017


Representatives from Stringo’s R&D division have returned after a two-week touring visit to China and the US. Close dialogue with our customers and being able to see Stringo’s vehicle movers out in the real world have provided us with valuable insight in our continued development work.

For us, China is a growing market wherein the automotive industry has fantastic opportunities over the coming years. Stringo vehicle movers are already being used by numerous vehicle manufacturers in, for example, design centers, end-of-line testing, and various types of test centers.
It is our view that vehicle movers will play an important role in the development currently taking place in China. Meeting our customers on location and seeing how Stringo is used proved both exciting and informative. Thanks to close cooperation with customers across the globe, we are gaining an understanding of the challenges faced by our vehicle movers out in the real world, and of the expectations we must fulfill.

The US is also a very exciting market for us. This time around, we focused on customers in the western and central parts of the country, where we amassed a great deal of useful knowledge which we brought back to the development table at home. We consider the viewpoints with which we have been provided invaluable, and we are looking forward to tackling the challenges that were brought to our attention in the meetings we had. 

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