The courage to believe in our product

Posted by Stringo - 21 December, 2018


Personal chemistry, a shared market vision and a belief in Stringo’s potential was a combination that resulted in Andreas Berglund becoming Chief Marketing Officer at Stringo AB. Now, after five years at the company, he sums up the experience as extremely interesting, informative, and eventful.

The company has experienced continuous and stable growth since being founded 30 years ago. The past few years, however, sales have grown particularly well and the Stringo brand has gained increasing recognition among major auto manufacturers using the company’s product in production, including end-of-line processes and design centers. And as we begin to look back on the past twelve months, we can clearly rank 2018 yet another year of fantastic growth.

Five years ago, Stringo’s CEO Nina Thelin was looking for a chief marketing officer who she wanted to work more actively with the Stringo brand and in closer concert with the company’s end customers. At the time, Andreas Berglund was CEO of another company, but had a passion for marketing. He was visiting Stringo in the role of subcontractor. Nina and Andreas soon realized that they shared a vision for Stringo’s potential and how it could be fulfilled.

“I felt that Stringo was a diamond in the rough,” says Andreas. “Nina’s brand ambition was a good match for my market vision. There’s so much potential in the product, the company, and the brand and I felt that I could bring my experience to the table.”

Back then, Andreas was living in Gothenburg, his third child had just been born, and he was starting to feel a little homesick. When offered the opportunity to assume responsibility for Stringo’s marketing, it was an easy decision to make.

The first thing Andreas did in his new role was to identify customer relationships and how they were managed.

“We felt that it would be of value to get an even clearer grasp on our users. Who they are, what they need. How we can better reach out to them. So my vision was to create a brand and to reach out to our end customers. To move closer to our end users. This is a process that we’ve now completed together with our business partners.”

According to Andreas, another important piece of the puzzle fell into place when his former colleague Bengt Becker also joined Stringo. They’ve worked together for many years and have the same approach to market relations. Bengt is primarily responsible for the European market, whereas Andreas is responsible for the subsidiaries, in Asia and the Americas.

“The auto industry is an incredibly innovative market,” says Andreas, “and we need to participate in that market if we’re to have any influence. Working in close concert with your customers enables you to adapt the product for optimal use.  Without that element, we wouldn’t be where we are now. It makes us unique. And Bengt is the perfect brother-in-arms in this respect.”

In recent years, Stringo has grown substantially in terms of the number of vehicle movers sold in the world. The company has established subsidiaries in both the US and China, cultivated existing relationships with dealers, and formed new ones. One important part of the company’s global growth is the initiative to travel the world meeting customers and dealers.

“Inspiration, motivation, and guidance are my watchwords,” says Andreas. “We should help our partners find success with our branding efforts. We need to communicate the brand advantages by being clear – this is Stringo and this is what we stand for.”

Today, Stringo is a world leader. The company’s goal is to maintain this position by continuing to meet users, build the brand, and continually develop the product. If someone thinks of moving vehicles, they should think of Stringo.

“It’s a gradual process that never ends,” says Andreas. “We have a clear communication strategy that provides a common theme for all this. Everyone at Stringo – employees and managers, the entire team – works together to make this vision a reality. We simply have to believe in it moving forward. If you believe in what you’re doing, half the job is done. Some people laugh at me when I say this, but I think I’m good at believing in what I do.”

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