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Posted by Stringo - 24 May, 2018


The idea for a vehicle remover started out as a practical solution for a friend. At that time, 30 years ago now, our operations comprised the subcontracted manufacture of mechanical parts for the region's industry, such as suppliers of industrial doors and steel structures.

"Then, just like now, my father was passionate about local development and opportunities here in Nyland," says Nina Thelin, CEO of Stringo. "That's exactly what the investment in Famek, as the company was known back then, was all about, being an innovative manufacturing company using local resources."

A couple of years after the company was founded, an acquaintance of our then CEO, Göran Fahlén, was in the process of buying a new car from a local car dealer. It took three men and a great deal of time to roll the car out of the showroom. This was at the end of the 1980s, and the experience sparked the idea for a machine to move cars indoors. The first vehicle mover named Stringo came into being.

"Yes, that's how it happened," Nina laughs. "It was about problem solving, which has been our focus ever since. Customer needs have always been our top priority and have driven the further development of Stringo. The satisfaction of meeting those needs is invigorating. It's also created the pride with which we've dared to enter new markets, attract expertise, create jobs, and invest in new models."

Initially, it was difficult to convince Swedish car showrooms of the benefits offered by Stringo. Since it was the first of its kind, we had no experience or references to rely on.

Just as all hope for the new product began to fade, we received a call from Germany. The caller was a Swede who'd read about Stringo in a German trade publication. He wanted to start selling Stringo in Germany. Six months later, he called with good news – he'd sold two Stringo vehicle movers to BMW and one to Audi. So the primary target group was in fact the automotive industry, which needed an efficient and convenient way of moving cars without starting the engine.

With BMW and Audi as references for further development and a twenty-year patent, we gained a major market advantage. An advantage that we've maintained since then. Today, Stringo vehicle movers are sold all over the world and the target groups have been broadened. In addition to various stages of the manufacturing process in the automotive industry, such as end-of-line handling and design centers, car showrooms with particularly valuable vehicles, museums, workshops, and car dealers have also discovered the benefits of a vehicle mover from Stringo.

"Even though we have a major market advantage, we want to continually develop ourselves and our products to remain at the cutting edge when it comes to vehicle movers. Being a world leader in vehicle movers and the inventor of the original also entail great responsibility: for innovation, safety, and customer confidence. And we manage all those aspects responsibly," Nina ends.

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