Stringo part of promoting the High Coast Area

Posted by Stringo - 18 December, 2017


High Coast Invest has chosen Stringo as one of their representatives of international entrepreneurship of The High Coast of Sweden. Together with entrepreneurs from various other industries, Stringo will be used as an example when the region is marketed in other countries. Here at Stringo we are naturally both proud and pleased to be able to help promote our part of the world.

High Coast Invest is an investment promotion agency, a local partner to Business Sweden. Their mission is to attract foreign investors to the High Coast region of Sweden.

When they travel around Sweden and the world to promote the region, they make use of their magazine, among other things, which will feature Stringo and other exciting companies.

They have also produced a film about us at Stringo, which we would like to share with you. The film briefly presents Stringo as a company and introduces our vehicle movers.

You can read the magazine on High Coast Invest´s website and you can find the film here.

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