Stringo in Southern Europe, visiting luxury sports car manufacture.

Posted by Danielle Lif - 26 February, 2016


Stringo in southern Europe, visiting partners and customers in Spain and Italy. One of the primary focus is to introducing the new car mover, Stringo S3 to the European market and show what we do best: move cars simple, safe, ergonomic and efficient.  Stringo S3 has been well received on the market mostly for the improved ergonomics and greater safety. The development of the S3 model come from incorporated customer feedback and 25 years of experience

We would like to acknowledge our Italian Partner, Zetaeffe S.r.l. which has been a distributer of Stringo car movers for 10 year and the company is a dedicated vendor. With great knowledge and experience, Stringo is being delivered to the automobile manufacturers of Italy. Zetaeffe S.r.l. has a collaboration with a service and maintenance company, Gima Service S.r.l. Gima Service preforms all services and support of Stringo in the regions of Italy. It is important to us that our customers feel safe in the knowledge that we and our partners will always be on hand if and when we are needed.

In the end of our week, Stringo sales team visit one of the Italian manufacture of luxury sports car. Impressive tour of their production and a future cooperation will be developed. Exciting projects are a head and we will be back in Italy in some month for more client visits and introduction.  



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