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Posted by Stringo - 04 September, 2018


Stringo vehicle movers are currently making their mark in numerous automotive industries. Our vehicle movers are used in test centers, design centers, end-of-line assembly, and in other parts of the manufacturing process. The various global iterations of the Automotive Testing Expo bring together vehicle manufacturers and suppliers of leading-edge technology in the automotive industry. It is an opportunity for us to demonstrate the benefits offered by Stringo vehicle movers when it comes to moving automobiles safely and efficiently.

Our stand at the expo is frequently visited by existing customers. They tell us about how Stringo benefits their businesses and they offer their viewpoints on details that would make it even better. Potential customers who stop by are given a demonstration of how easy it is for one person to move a vehicle from point A to point B, without needing to start the engine.

Automotive Testing Expo is an important meeting ground for us. It is here that representatives from automotive industries across the globe discover new technologies that are able to simplify the manufacturing process. It is also here that technology suppliers like ourselves can cultivate partnerships with one another.

Stringo vehicle movers are already being utilized in the factories of many major automobile manufacturers. Large, heavy clay models are moved in design centers with the help of Stringo. With our vehicle movers, it only takes one person to effortlessly move the valuable clay models.

Crash testing laboratories test vehicle safety. After a crash test has been conducted, it is not often possible for the vehicles to be driven. Thanks to a Stringo that was developed specifically for moving vehicles damaged in crash tests, even moving wrecked cars is a simple matter.

Our vehicle movers also play an important role in end-of-line assembly.  Vehicles that fail to start at the end of an assembly line can quickly cause problems. In order to prevent unnecessary stoppage in production, they need to be moved promptly and taken for repair. With a Stringo at hand, a vehicle that fails to start can be moved in no time at all.

Automotive Testing Expo is undeniably the right forum for us – on all continents. We are afforded an opportunity to showcase the benefits of our products while also sharing in the experiences and viewpoints of our existing customers, all for the continued development of Stringo vehicle movers.

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