Our new vehicle mover Stringo S2 has arrived in Denmark

Posted by Stringo - 29 March, 2017


The first Stringo S2 – our new vehicle mover – has been delivered. The recipient is our Danish partner Olego A/S. 

“We immediately saw the potential of Stringo S2 and ordered one as soon as we heard that it was going into production,” explains Niels B. Nielsen, a sales consultant with Olego A/S. “This is an excellent vehicle mover. It is flexible and easy to maneuver, and so performs well in all environments.”

Olego began a demonstration tour at the start of March to promote and market Stringo S2. There has been a great deal of interest and a number of demonstrations have already been booked.

“We have great expectations for both the vehicle mover and market interest in the new model,” says Niels B. Nielsen. “I think it will be making an appearance at countless auto shows from now on.” 

Stringo S2 is the ideal piece of equipment for moving vehicles in tight spaces where numerous vehicles have to be positioned close to one another without the risk of damage.

A vehicle mover from Stringo also means an improved work environment, not just because vehicles can be moved without having to be started, but also because the move itself is so simple that it only requires one person to do it.

Olego A/S is a distributor for Stringo in Denmark. Representatives of the company visited Nyland in December to see the manufacturing process for themselves and to receive more information about our product and the various models.

Here at Stringo we think it is important to keep in close contact with our partners. They should have confidence in the Stringo brand, as well as access to the latest information about our vehicle movers. We are eager to see the results of Olego’s efforts to promote and market our new model, Stringo S2.

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