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Posted by Stringo - 12 April, 2019


As we announced earlier we have now established a subsidiary in Japan. Meet Chie Sakurai, our latest employee at Stringo, assigned to manage our new Japan office now open for business.  
Located in Roppongi in Tokyo, our staff there will provide support and sell our vehicle movers in Japan, which is a large and interesting market for Stringo. We have enjoyed close cooperation with our customers in the country for many years through our distributors, but as we are now opening our own Stringo office we can operate even closer to our Japanese customers.

”The country's six largest vehicle manufacturers sold a record number of vehicles last year, and Japanese vehicle brands top the list of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers. Therefore it is an important step for us to establish ourselves in the region,” says Nina Thelin, CEO of Stringo. “We are expanding globally and the Japanese market holds huge potential for us. Part of our business idea is operating close to our customers, and this brings us even closer to our long-term customers in the Japanese market. It also strengthens the Stringo brand on the global stage.”

With a long background in sales for the Automotive industry in Japan and for many years working with customer-related assignments, the recruitment of Chie Sakurai is a welcome asset for our continued expansion in Asia.

"This is a fantastic challenge and I am very grateful to join a team like Stringo. Stringo has a clear vision, a customer focus and a long-term perspective on how to develop the business, which really caught my interest. Stringo is an exciting product where awareness of quality and craftsmanship appeals to the market here. I have also been able to visit Stringo in Nyland and are struck by what Nina has built up with a great team on site and treating all employees as part of a large family. Feels exciting to take the next step here in Japan. Now we wish to continue building even closer relationships with our customers, increase our footprint and reach out with Stringo as a brand. Something I look forward to, ”says Chie Sakurai.

The release of the Japanese version of our website is already held, and you can find us at

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