New chief technology officer with total focus on development

Posted by Stringo - 15 December, 2016


In October we welcomed Magnus Grafström to us at Stringo. Magnus will assume the role of CTO and his primary focus will be on the continued development of our car movers.

"I see Stringo as a diamond in the rough with incredible potential," he says. "The product and the customers are already in place, but of course there is always room for further development. "Right now I'm building up an idea of where we stand in our product development and what the prevailing market demands are." 

Magnus has previously worked with product development, project management and sales at two large, global companies. One of these is the world's largest truck manufacturer and one is among the world's largest contract manufacturers within EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services). He was active in the unit concentrating on the development and manufacture of medical technology products.

During his initial weeks here at Stringo he has been fully occupied with immersing himself in our operations and learning all there is to know about our car movers.

The next step will be to visit a selection of our customers to see first hand how our vehicle movers are used.

"I think it is extremely important to ensure that our development activities are truly in line with what the customers want," he says, "so that is a priority. We need to establish a technological road map and refine our working practices in terms of listening to the markets' demands and implementing ongoing improvements. 

Magnus was born and grew up in Örnsköldsvik, where he still lives with his wife and their two children. He is looking forward to taking on the challenge of developing our vehicle movers - products that are already world leading today.

"There has been a generational shift in Stringo in these past few years and I believe the company has laid a fantastic foundation for the future. I feel enormously excited and inspired. The future really looks bright."

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