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Posted by Stringo - 23 May, 2019

This week, our CEO Nina Thelin performed an instagram takeover on the Landsbyggare's account. Landsbyggare is an Swedish account that highlights the contractors, enthusiasts and dedicated people who builds the countryside, which shape the place we live in.
During the week Nina talks about our history at Stringo and about our developing work, ranging from a brief look back on how everything started to the development that is currently taking place in the company.
"Today we are more global than ever, but I am grateful that we are still based in Nyland in the High Coast of Sweden. At Stringo, we have always had our soul and our roots in the countryside. The landscape is for us a source of inspiration. It shapes us and our business. The values we have built our company in all years, such as authenticity, genuineness and a straightforward approach, we see as the clear strengths from the landscape of our home. It´s been with me since those first years, and being a Landsbyggare is for me something that is more about life decisions than business decisions. A life in which we know that rural conditions become creative opportunities that lift our ability to innovate, ”says Nina in her introductory speech on Landsbyggare. 
Visit the instagram account Landsbyggare and see all of the posts from Nina: 
The site is in Swedish.

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