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Posted by Stringo - 28 February, 2019


 At present Stringo vehicle movers are being used in many places around the world and two niche areas where they exist are car museums and private car collections.  

A museum or a private collection can accommodate extremely valuable cars that need to be moved very carefully and precisely without risking damage.  

In many cases the vehicles in a museum cannot even be started because they have been emptied of oil and gasoline. Pushing or pulling them around by hand, risking damage to the vehicle or injuring yourself or employees is not even worth considering. And that is why our customers have discovered Stringo and its value in the operation of moving their collection´s gems - an investment that saves both time and costs.

 “Stringo is an appreciated vehicle mover and it is being used at world famous museums like The Henry Ford Museum, LeMay-America´s Car Museum, The Volvo Museum and many more”, says Bengt Becker Global Sales Representative for Stringo. 

Stringo S2 is an excellent choice for these segments. A car mover adapted for fewer and shorter moves of lighter vehicles that weighs up to 2 000 kg. It's versatile machine with big possibilities for customization and broad range of accessories are available. 

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