Classic cars - a delicate matter

Posted by Stringo - 06 April, 2017


There is a special feeling when you are moving around in an exhibition hall full of exclusive objects, in this case cars. Classic old cars or collector cars – many of them so delicate that starting up the engine to move them around is out of the question. That is when Stringo comes in to hand. It is the perfect way of moving classic cars without risking any damage to the precious vehicle or yourself.

Our new model Stringo S2 is the natural aid to small and medium-sized businesses and workshops where fewer and shorter moves of lighter vehicles are required. Many Car Museums and private collectors have already discovered the benefits of Stringo car movers. 

”Some of these cars you can’t move even if you tried, says Armin Maier, Stringo sales representat Germany. Some of the cars might need special service, oil or petrol to be possible to start, and others are so unique that the collector wants to keep it in conserved condition, which means that they should not be used at all. If you have been forced to push or pull the cars around by hand, risking damage to the car or to your back for that matter, then Stringo is a real investment. One customer once said jestfully that all his plants died when he started the Oldtimers. He then bought a Stringo CM and was very satisfied. Now he also owns another CM and a Stringo 450H to run a car loft. ”

At a Car museum, Stringo’s task is to transport exclusive objects without risking any damage, and without polluting the air in the exhibition hall. Thanks to its unique design, Stringo is a welcome aid in enabling safe transportation of these cars. Cars that are valuable, perhaps even one of a kind. 

”There are so many private collectors and museums out there that would be helped by a car mover like Stringo, says Mr Maier. And there is a steady increase in sales. Words are really starting to spread from one collector or museum to another. Customers like the American car museum LeMay or VW ZEITHAUS in Wolfsburg are some of the official customers that have discovered how Stringo is a valuable help in the operation.  

For private collectors our new model Stringo S2 is a versatile machine with big possibilities. With its specially adapted design, Stringo simplifies and transforms what is otherwise a heavy and demanding job into pure pleasure.

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