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Posted by Stringo - 04 October, 2019


This is our fourth year attending the Automotive Testing Expo in Shanghai, China. Let us tell you more about the event and why we believe it's important to attend.

This is our fourth year attending the Automotive Testing Expo in Shanghai, China during September 24 - 26th. The event is the main vehicle and component testing exhibition of China and this year’s event has attracted over 10,00 visitors. The visitors are able to see the latest test technologies and services that are being used in the automotive production process.

A great place to get to know the industry better

The Stringo team was represented by Li, Susan and Liu, which all had a great time and met a lot of interesting people from the industry. Several automotive testing facilities already know the profits of Stringo as a logistical solution. Our vehicle movers are used within many areas in the production process and there among to transport cars to and from the dynamometer, to move clay models and to transport collision-damaged cars.

The exhibition provides us a great opportunity to reach our market and to communicate what makes Stringo unique, which is its full customization and commitment. We only make Stringo and nothing else, which gives extensive experience and best know-how on the market.

Coming up: Automotive Testing Expo

Next month, October 22 - 24th, we will attend Automotive Testing Expo in Novi Michigan and we would be delighted to meet you at our booth 9034.  For FastTrack entry for the exhibition in Novi, Michigan redeem your ticket here!

Thanks to everyone who came and visited our booth during September 24 - 26th!

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