Global meeting on Stringo’s home turf

Posted by Stringo - 07 September, 2018


Every year we make sure to gather colleagues from our largest markets in Germany, China and the USA for the Stringo Global Meeting. This year we will be meeting in our home region in the High Coast in northern Sweden in order to draw up guidelines for how we will develop in future, and better understand the global challenges and the conditions with our customers.

At Stringo we are currently at an important stage. The automotive industry is changing rapidly and we have a desire to be at the forefront when it comes to our customers’ needs and wishes.

“We have had some very interesting days,” explains CEO Nina Thelin. “We all welcome the efforts that we have made so far this year in terms of quality and development for our continued expansion. That also includes some exciting cooperation work we have initiated with some of our customers.”

Stringo operates in a global market and our customers consist primarily of a number of car industries. Our vehicle movers are used within several stages of the development and manufacturing process, and therefore require a high degree of flexibility and customisation.

“Our great strength throughout the years has been our high level of service and unique customer solutions. The talks concerning this during the Global Meeting have been very rewarding for continuing this customer need,” explains Global Marketing Manager, Andreas Berglund. We have a common approach that extends across all our markets, and we also see a continued global growth within the automotive industry which we are now adapting to.”

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