Five inside tips for your ride with Stringo

Posted by Stringo - 10 March, 2020


For all of you that are thinking about using Stringo, and all of you that has already invested in one, we´ve made this short film for you to get the most out of your vehicle mover.

A vehicle mover from Stringo will improve your working environment in a number of ways. But it is important to us that you get the most out of your Stringo.

Before you start driving, take some time and get to know your Stringo. When you are familiar with the safety details, the five tips listed here below will help you in your work with our vehicle mover. In this movie you can watch the Stringo at work and learn more about handling and safety.

In short this is our five tips:

  1. Adjust the tiller arm when standing on the platform lift the tillerarm to a more upright position. When walking while driving the Stringo – adjust the tillerarm to a more downward position.

  2. Move the butterfly throttle level in small portions to avoid jerky transports.

  3. Choose the appropriate speed settings
    Rabbit mode for clear distance travelling and turtle mode for congested areas.

  4. Center the Stringo on the vehicle you are engaging
    Use the arrow graphics on the Stringo deck as a guide.

  5. Adjust the landing deck electrically out to its full extension when engaging a vehicle for the first time.

  6. Then adjust the landing deck inwards to minimize the turning radius, but still with some distance between the vehicle and the Stringo power unit so the vehicle don’t risk to touch or hit it.

For the fundamental information about handling and safety we recommend you to read the manual that comes with every Stringo.

Have a safe ride!

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