Expanding in China

Posted by Stringo - 27 September, 2018


We are expanding in China

China is a large and growing market for Stringo. It is therefore very pleasing to announce that we are now establishing a subsidiary company in China.

For us, China is a growing market wherein the automotive industry has fantastic opportunities over the coming years. Stringo vehicle movers are already being used by numerous vehicle manufacturers in, for example, design centers, end-of-line testing, and various types of test centers.  It is our view that vehicle movers will play an important role in the development currently taking place in China.

Over the years that Stringo has had a presence in China through Vicstrin Industrial Technology Co., and with Mr. Li Wenhui as an invaluable Stringo ambassador, we have gained many loyal customers, along with a good understanding of Asia and the needs of the automotive industry in the region. With that relationship, Stringo has a great experience that we also take into our newly formed company. We ensure the future with even greater potential in the future, as Stringo Ltd.

“It feels very inspiring that we are expanding globally and starting up a subsidiary, now in China, and it’s an important  step in this development,” says Nina Thelin, CEO of Stringo. “It will now be possible for us to operate in even closer proximity to our customers in Asia, and we are acquiring more knowledge about the growing automotive industry in China. It’s also a vital part of the work we are doing for the Stringo brand globally. It’s an exciting step that we are very confident in.”

The office will be opened in Shenyang this autumn. You are welcome to contact Mr. Li Wenhui and our colleagues at the office. Click the link to view contact details.

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