The art of customized solutions

Posted by Stringo - 20 August, 2020


Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, which is why we offer full customization. Our modified vehicle movers constitute a large proportion of our sales, which gives us a very strong market position. Let us show you how.

"We can basically do anything"

“We receive numerous special orders and are continuously working on anywhere between two and seven projects simultaneously. These special orders differentiate us from our competitors, and we can basically do anything”, says Magnus Grafström, CTO of Stringo.

Every order is unique with its own character. It can involve anything from a minor change or addition to a complete Stringo rebuild. It is therefore important for us to have an organization that allows us to quickly and flexibly respond to a customer’s requirements.

Our customers get help with both small and major modifications

Requests from customers are often received via the R&D or Sales departments. If the case involves a purely technical solution, we draft a concept proposal and provide a cost estimate and time frame. The customer receives a quote based on this.

When it comes to major modifications, we always strive to visit the customer’s facility to understand their needs in their specific production environment. It’s important for us to get a proper understanding of the conditions and environment in which Stringo is used, and also how the Stringo will be utilized.

Every customer visit is different

As an example, a customer in the UK needed a four-wheel solution. Normally, Stringo grips both front wheels when pulling out the vehicle, but, in this case, the vehicles were being tested in an environmental chamber in which the temperature was 40°c below zero.

“Under these conditions, the whole vehicle needs to be pulled out by the four wheels because everything is frozen. I visited the customer and examined the setup, after which we could provide the customer a solution,” says Magnus Grafström.

Other examples include a Stringo fitted with a tow hitch so that the customer can also move caravans, and yet another one is fitted with a raised rotating warning light, since there are strict safety requirements at that particular customer’s facility, which necessitates that Stringo is visible. By mounting a rod to the machine on top of which the warning light was placed, the vehicle mover can be seen easily.

Get in touch with us

To learn more about these features or discuss them with us, you are welcome to contact our R&D team. You can also contact us via the live chat service on our website. Thanks to our global presence and distributors around the world, we are available 24/7 to answer your questions.

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